Nia Growth is creating a simple and safe way to manage your financial safety nets as a “business-of-one”.

At Nia, we are focused on you, and your financial peace of mind. We are simplifying the part of your work you rarely think about - how to secure your future, where your hard-earned money should go, and how to make sure you have the right plans in place for a rainy day or when you want to stop working.


About Us

Nia was founded by a group of mission-driven professionals who bring experience from technology and finance to create a platform that helps the “business-of-one” navigate their financial planning in a simple, intuitive and accessible way. Our team has all been self-employed and knows how confusing it can be, trying to to-do-it-all while thinking about your financial future.

We worked at the intersection of self-employment and taxes at companies like Intuit and EY. Our team has set world records in skydiving, won National Championships, created and innovated in-and-out of startups, and knows first-hand what financial tools can make life easier for those who choose to go at it alone. 

Nia is a female-led team building a different kind of company. We are tapping into the professional skills and talent we see around us to build a long-lasting company that feels different from day one. As the work-world is evolving around us, we are rethinking not only the “culture” at Nia Growth, but also how the future-of-work wants to engage, get compensated, commit, and deliver disruptive and impactful results.

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Sharon Har-Noy Pilcher

Christy Frikken

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Nia’s first supporters and investors saw the potential in doing things a little differently. Hope you join us either to build your career, as a partner, or an investor who wants to tap into something new and exciting.
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Julia Hartz

CEO & Co-Founder



Elah Alkalay

Chairperson Mutual Funds

IBI Investment House

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Ali Kemp, CFP

President & CEO 

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