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Backend Developer - Part-time

Overview - lead the development of our AWS based infrastructure and integration with Drivewealth APIs for account management and transactions.


What you’ll own (initial project)


  1. Join Nia at its inception. Setup from scratch an AWS microservices backend, with development, build, and deployment environments. Create interfaces for the front-end React app and manage source code repositories. 

  2. Accommodate PII in terms of security, privacy, scale. 

  3. Use APIs to open an IRA account (Drivewealth knowledge a bonus), with the ability to fund and invest. Integrate payments using Plaid.

  4. Work with front-end dev to create an end-to-end flow from a user in the web-app to investing funds with a broker-dealer.

  5. Just like any startup, looking for someone to grow with the company and potentially lead our backend tech longer term.


What you bring to Nia
  • Experience with AWS and the services within

  • Experience integrating with public APIs

  • A mindset of execution and delivery, roll-up-sleeve to get it done, with cyclical learning based on “build-measure-learn” 

  • Fintech or some financial/tax knowledge a plus

  • Mission-driven mindset


More about Nia and the team

We are a female-led, mission-driven startup with experience in Tech and Finance. We’re focused on the self-employed market and their financial planning needs. We are bothered that more than 80% of the non-traditional workers  (freelancers, etc.)  don’t own a retirement plan.

We are based in Boulder, CO + remote with pre-seed funding

Compensation for any role will be in the form of cash+equity

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