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Am I on track for retirement?

At Nia, we know as self-employed, you deal with competing priorities and the ups and downs of your business. Our tools can help you plot your path to financial freedom.

I am 

years old. I make $

/ year before taxes.

My current savings are $ 

I will save


Until I am 

67 Years





You will have


Your goal is


95% to goal

Let's get on track

Let's start focusing

You've got this!

You're on track! Get more ideas to invest in your future-self.

Discover more ways to invest in your future-self.

Nia can help you secure your financial future.

Our default assumptions include:

* 70% annual income after retirement

* 2% inflation rate

* 7% return before retirement

* 5% after retirement

* 85 year life expectancy

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