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Nia Growth is on a mission to help freelancers and self-employed individuals to secure their financial future through savings for retirement. Our focus is on keeping as much money in your pocket, and ensuring you pay yourself first. 

Your Personalized Plan - $20

Includes a visual + email of a plan based on your personal responses. Recommendations include -

1. Which retirement account to open

2. How much of your income to save (per year/per incoming transaction).

3. Which ETFs to invest in - based on your Risk-Tolerance responses. 

Annual Subscription - $72/Year

Receive your Personalized Plan + Unlimited transactions to fund your IRA +
Annual plan review (using algorithm, to suggest changes to your plan needed to implement)


Pay Per ACH Transaction to IRA - $0.95

Once you automate the payments to your IRA, Nia Growth will charge for each transaction under $250 a $0.95 to cover the ACH associated costs. 


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