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We are designing Nia Growth as the company everyone will call “The Future of Work”. We’re looking for talented individuals who are ready to join something different.

Nia is looking for mission-driven great talent 
If you want to chat about joining the team, send us an email at


  • You want to own your time, and choose how to use it

  • You want to choose what you work on

  • Once you take on a task, you know what “ownership” and “accountability” mean. You fully know it’s yours to deliver

  • ​You want to be a part of a team with an audacious goal, and make it happen

  • You love being a part of a “WE” just as much as the focus on your “ME”


  • We designed what needs to be done based on deliverables, so you know what is expected

  • There is clarity on who-owns-what, where to go to find it, and what are the sub-goals of each domain

  • We created the framework where you can both learn and ask, and engage with others

  • We commit to meeting as a team virtually once a week, we hold virtual stand-ups, and meet physically every quarter (weekly meetings are to sync-up and eliminate dependencies, physical meetings are to set goals)

  • We share with you equity in the company so that you feel you are an owner not just of deliverables, but also of the overall success

  • We created a company that “sees” its team-members, so that this becomes a long-lasting relationship

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