"Nia was born with one mission in mind - to make sure the self-employed have 

financial safety nets."

We started Nia with the belief that we should all be able to choose a career that allows us to follow our passion and do what we love. But what happens when once we stop working? How do we pay for our life? What safety nets do we have as self-employed in the Passion Economy, or Gig Economy?

Warren Buffet once said - "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die". 


At some point in life we all want to be able to stop "selling our time for money".

And at that point, income still needs to come from somewhere. 

So when we went searching for ways to save for the future, we came across different plans that can actually save us quite a bit of tax $$$, but they were SO complicated! It took us hours to understand what fits us, and where we should put our money. 

Hence Nia was born, with the aim to simplify things, so that people can set themselves up for the future without needing to become "financial experts".


Believe it or not, Nia was created with what we call "the opposite of greed". We are working hard to build a platform that will provide the assurance you need when it comes to investing towards your future. We worry that financial tools have gotten so complex, and so crazy noisy, that people are missing out on one of the best ways to secure their safety nets. We are tirelessly working on breaking through the noise. 

Our focus is on offering a simple and SAFE way to contribute into the right plans for your future, and save you valuable tax dollars along they way!

We are invested in YOU, the whole you, to understand why you avoided financial tools so far. And because of that we approach things differently. From the ground up.
We can't wait to share more as we go. Meanwhile, sign up to start your journey.

Nia's co-founders

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Baat Enosh

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Sharon Har-Noy Pilcher

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We met through our love to air-sports, and bring technology, financial, and leadership skills to to solve for the gaps we see around us. We believe simple, safe, and small steps are key to securing your future.


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Julia Hartz

CEO & Co-Founder


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Elah Alkalay

Chairperson Mutual Funds

IBI Investment House