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Invest without the noise

Tailored Packages

One size does not fit all, we work with you every step of the way.



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Access to a safe place
where you feel


Who We Are

We provide a safe and simple way, for people like you - who want to focus on their passion, to invest in the markets.

We take out all the noise and focus on knowing you and understanding your needs.

Build Your Financial Safety Net


Misha Saves:  $500/month


for retirement

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Cindy Saves:  $500/month


for retirement

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Connect, Grow
and Learn about financial freedom

Find the support you need to achieve your financial goals, meet and connect with your tribe.

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We filter out the noise around investments, so that creating a safety net
becomes clear


We simplify creating a safety net by tailoring an investment package that fits you


You chose the passion industry to do what you love. We are here to support the "Future You"

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It's Your Future.
So Why Let Somebody Else Own It?

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Leela Srivastava
Communications, CO

“I could say I’ve never imagined investing or finances being something that I feel excited about, I always thought it was going to be dull and everything but now I feel excited to get this part of my life going.”

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Emma Tranter
Yoga Instructor, HI

Before Nia, my perceptions and beliefs around money had me paralyzed when it came to taking control over my financial future. Now I feel empowered to take action."

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Melissa Garcia
Talent Manager, FL

“It’s overwhelming to not have the support system. This is the first time I’ve been in a setting where the idea of it has been broken down into such basic actions."

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